Police Harrassment Video:

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The Story:

So I was ticketed again this week at Cheerleaders Bar here in Lincoln, NE for my WET-T-SHIRT CONTEST! A couple of weeks ago it was a public nudity ticket and now this week it was public indecency, they just don’t quit. See here is the deal I decided to poke a little fun at the police for harassing me so much so I had one of my friends dress up like a police officer and pretend to arrest me. It ended with him taking the handcuffs off me and then getting on stage to tip me. When this happen I grabbed his nightstick which resembles a penis kind of and I pretended like I was going to put it in my mouth. It was all part of the act (in which he was paid for) and seemed fun and the crowd really loved it but I guess the undercover police officers didn't. Soon after there were 9 police in full uniform as well as I think 3 undercover police and they literally shut the bar down right then and there. This we around 11:30 and the bar doesn't close till 1 AM! I guess they said that when I acted like I was going to suck the night stick I was breaking the law by doing a lewd sexual act. This whole time my camera crew was taping what was going on which you will see in the link below.

When they were kicking people out they became very rude and were pushing my camera crew around. They threaten to have them arrested and one even tried to knock a camera out of my camera guys hand. The officer ended up holding the camera down forcefully while threatening to arrest him as you will also see on the video. The worst part is they kicked everyone out and then had me expose my breasts so they could examine my pasties with no female officer at the bar or anyone from my company around. I then was able to leave after getting my ticket but as for the bar manager they took him to jail which he was there all night. Now I think I am done and I am in my car trying to leave when all of a sudden the police come up to my vehicle and while they stand there they make me remove my pasties so they can put them in the evidence bag. I am not sure what is going on but I plan to file a lawsuit against the Lincoln Police Department for harassment as well as for assaulting my camera crew. I am not sure what they think but I am not going to just sit back and let them push me around. I will keep you posted as new things come up! The charges each charge carry up to 6 months in jail and or a $500 fine. Thanks, Melissa

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