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Hey guys, these are some cool things you can buy!

Great news I now can process credit cards again for my store items! The merchant that was doing them for me decided they didn't want to do adult transactions anymore so I had to go find another way and I did YAY! I do have a minimum purchase of $50 for all credit card transactions, if you want something less then $50 you can still send cash or money order for those to the P.O. Box at the bottom of this page. You are also able to wire money to my business account if you don't want to give out your credit card number. I have had a lot of people not wanting to send cash through the mail and I get it so here you are :). Melissa

Feel free to email me with any questions you may have at

ValMidWest Hustler
Signed Magazine
(brand new!!)

Hey guys here is your chance to own a signed copy of ValMidwest's Hustler Magazine Holiday Collectors Edition. She is the cover model, she has a 15 page layout and a story about herself inside. This marks the first time in Hustler history a single girl has all 3 things. Order now and she will sign it however you want!

Price: $30


Private Webcam Shows
(brand new!!)

Brand new me and my models are offering private Skype shows! Here is your chance to meet us one on one even if you don't live here in Lincoln. Just get a Skype account and agree on a time and price and that's it! We will pretty much do whatever you ask of us. Hope to see you soon!

Price: ???      SALE PRICE: ???


Personal DVDs
(brand new!!)
Click Here to Download an Example Clip!!

Here is your chance to get your very own DVD of me or my models doing whatever you ask of us. We will use your name, wear whatever outfit you want us in and so on. The price for this varies on what you want us to do and how long you want the DVD to run. They start out at $300! This is a old sample and the new DVDs are shot in HD!

Price: $400      SALE PRICE: $300


(brand new!!)
Click Here to Download the Trailer!!

Cum check out my homes and me getting it on with a boy in my first true hardcore DVD!  I decided to take you through my house naked cribs style lol.  This is by far the craziest I have ever got and I promise you will love it.  I don’t even think there is any reason to explain more it’s great but just in case it's also Adri from's first DVD appearance ever!

Price: $29.95      SALE PRICE: $19.99

Melissa Gift Set
(brand new!!)

Ok so I have been getting tons of people who have wanted my panties and here is your chance!  I decided to add a few more things to make it even more enticing lol.  So you will get a pair of my used panties, an 8x10 with me wearing the panties signed just for you, both my DVD's (Melissa Goes to Boston/My First Orgasm) and a signed magazine!  This is the best deal I have ever offered all for $99

Price: $99      SALE PRICE: $89.99


Perfect 10 Magazine Layout
(brand new!!)


I finally made Perfect 10 Magazine! Would you believe they are the hardest magazine to get into? They only have 4 magazines a year come out and you have to be all natural to be picked and even then it can take years. I have 6 pages and I think it’s my best work ever. Order your copy today and I will even sign it for you!

Price: $19.99      SALE PRICE: $15.99



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Breast Inspector Shirt
(brand new!!)


Here is your chance to own you very own BREAST INSPECTOR t-shirt!  I made these for all the people who think I am getting screwed by the police and I am selling them to help pay for my legal fees to fight the system.  I have them in all sizes from small to 2X and for only $25 you can purchase one.

Price: $25


Melissa in Boston

Click Here to Download the Trailer


Here is my new DVD (it is a 2-disk set!) all of you have been waiting for!  I really showed Boston how to party.  I pulled out all the stops on this one.  It is over an hour long will all kinds of extra features.  It was shot in true High-Def so the quality is amazing.  I also have 5 High-Def downloads on the DVD for you to save to your computer as well as a demo of my virtual 3-D sex game.  Order right now and be the first to own one of the best quality adult DVD's out there.

Price: $19.99      SALE PRICE: $14.99




This is my new DVD launched on February 14, 2005 - Valentines day. This is really my ORGASM caught on film. Order your copy today, I promise it will not disappoint you. This is done 100% by me, produced everything, your support is greatly appreciated!

Price: $16.99      SALE PRICE: $13.99


Paisty Jenny Music Video/CD/Bloopers

Here is my first music video I have ever starred in! It was a blast to say the least. The disc itself has the full Paisty Jenny music CD, the full music video and all the funny bloopers that happen while taping. Make sure to order you copy today and let me know if you want it signed! 

Price: $15 *SOLD OUT


Hustler Signed Magazine

So my Huslter Magazine is out and I am selling copies for $19.99 and I will sign whatever you want on it!  I have 8 pages of me completly nude and being very naughty lol so don't miss out.  Another Melissa Midwest must have! 

Price: $19.99 $15.99


Stories CD

Click Here to Download the Sample

So this company GelWel asked me to help them with there first ever hardcore sex CD!  I decided it was something that sounded like fun so I said sure.  It has 9 true sex stories and they are really hot so make sure you get your copy right here in my store today.

Price: $12.99 *SOLD OUT



18x24 High Gloss Poster Signed
This is my first poster and what I am hoping is one of many. I am on a tractor and I am naked what more needs to be said lol.

Price: $29.99      SALE PRICE: $20



HERE IS MY NEW VIRTUAL SEX REALITY GAME. Yes you get to have sex with me and all kinds of other fun stuff too. I had it custom made for you to enjoy, and you can download it instantly at! As a member to, you will get this game

Price: $10



Buy a signed copy of my magazine cover. We are running low on the gallery magazines, so your magazine may vary. I was the "girl next door" of the year for 2004! I sent in some home photos from this site and voila, I was the winner! Tell all your friends you chat online everyday with not only the hottest girl ever, but Gallery Magazine's "Girl Next Door" of the year!

Price: $20 *SOLD OUT


SIGNED 8x10 Photo!

Get a personalized photo with a special message from me to you! Want a special message, no problem, let me know - or I can surprise you!

Price: $29.99      SALE PRICE: $20

Please make sure to add $5 for shipping in the US and $10 for out of the US orders. 
Here is the address to send it to:

Melissa Midwest
P.O. Box 82221
Lincoln, Nebraska 68501


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